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WMA 100 pcs Detox Foot Pads Patch Detoxify Toxins +Adhesive Therapeutic Rejuvenating

For hundreds of years, eastern medicine understood toxins traveled downwards in the body accumulating in the tips of our toes and ankles. They also understood that toxin accumulation lead to many dege
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erative diseases. For example, painful rheumatism and arthritis were caused by acidic toxic fluids gathering around the joints. In foot reflexology, the feet are considered channels to many vital organs, with over 60 acupuncture points on the soles of our feet. The foot pads contain natural ingredients which stimulate these acupuncture points through the combined action of wood/bamboo vinegar, far-infrared energy and negative ion emissions. This stimulation results in the breakdown of water and waste molecules that free blockages in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Cleansing naturally begins in the soles of our feet. Features: Detox Foot Patch Natural plant quintessence kits Promoting blood circulation & metabolism; Activating cells, improving functions of vital organs relieving fatigue; Relaxing muscles & tendons and eliminating, internal moisture; Replenishing vital essence and strengthening the kidney; Promoting sleeping; Dispelling toxins which accumulated in the circulation system; Promoting functions of circulation system and strengthening the immunity. Notice: Please keep your foot dry when using; Foot patches which are not used should be sealed in the plastic bag; Please pay attention that the medicament in the foot; Store the foot patch in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature;
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