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VW Volkswagen Passat 4 Chrome Door Sills Protectors Kick Plates

Polished Stainless Steel Kick Plates / Sill Protectors for the Volkswagen Passat B6 & B7 (2005 – 2015), Passat CC (2008 – 2013), & CC (2013 – 2017). Attractively Engraved as shown above. T
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ilor Made: These Sill Protectors have been tailor made to fit a Volkswagen Passat. For the models from 2005 to and including the 2010 facelift to 2015 (VW designation B6 & B7). For 4 door saloon & estate models. These will not fit the B8 model released in 2015. They also fit the Passat CC and CC (the facelifted and renamed Passat CC). Please click on the image above to see the relevent models. Note: The B6 & B7 Passat can be distinguished from the newer B8 Passat by a crease along the side of the car above the door handles, as highlighted in the picture above (The B8 Passat has a crease In-line with the handles. If you have a B8 Passat see our other listings) Number of Sill Protectors: There are 4 Sill Protectors in the Set. The 2 front Sill Protectors are 560 mm long, and the 2 rears are 260 mm long. Polished, Solid Stainless Steel: These Lockwood kick plates / sill protectors have been tailor made from high quality polished, Solid Stainless Steel. Engraved: The engraving in the photo, shown above, is actually etched into the Stainless Steel. It will not wear off. Fitting: Lockwood kick plates can be fitted in minutes because they come already backed with powerful, automotive grade adhesive tape. There are no tools required and no holes to drill. Simply clean the door sills and stick the protectors onto them. (Easy to follow instructions supplied). Benefits: If your door sills are not protected, sooner or later they will get scratched (by either your feet, your passenger feet, your childrens feet or your dogs feet!). So don’t take the risk, fit Lockwood sill protectors. Once fitted, these kick plates will provide protection for a lifetime. And if your sills are already scratched, will make them look better than new.
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